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To be able to confidently tackle your crypto taxes and record keeping, you will likely need to rely on a form of software. These training sessions will give you a well rounded understanding of Crypto Tax Calculator, a diverse application that helps you efficiently build your own reports so you can send them to your accountant without the risk of leaving out or misreporting information.
With the ATO’s focus on crypto based transactions this year it’s more important that ever to have clear knowledge of how to accurately build reports.

These trainings will make sure you are never not be prepared for that surprise audit again!

These characters come with...

12 x tickets to Crypto software Trainings

Are you ready to…

Prepare reports with ease

Understand the software so it becomes a part of your workflow

Make Finances fun

With a group of likeminded individuals who also want to accelerate their growth

Make investing in crypto an absolute breeze

No stress around keeping records - that's a yes from me

The YouTuber
“Our business has really boomed since we started working with Ethan. The level of service we have received has been excellent the whole time!”

John Anderson

Why Crypto Tax Calculator of all the software out there? If you’ve had a peep the different products on the market it’s crazy. I choose to use Crypto Tax Calculator because it’s one of the simplest to understand while covering all types of trading (Crypto, NFTs, DeFi, etc.), and was purposely built to follow the ATO’s reporting guidelines.

With your Character you also get

A support Network

Of like minded individuals who are also growing their financial positions

1/1 Access to me

And support around anything accounting

access to

Networking and holders only events with special guests from across the business and finance world

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I’ll announce each training date prior to the Zoom session, and you’ll be able to book your spot 

Session Time

During the session I will run through the software and any released updates. This will follow with question time where we will dive deeper into the specific areas you are unsure of

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Ethan I have questions first...

If you are already a Rooshock Accounting client, please speak to us before purchasing to find out how owning a Rooshocks token will change how things work.

You will be able to redeem your redemption on behalf of someone else. This means if your token comes with a tax return for example, you could redeem this service as a gift for somebody else.

Yes, you will be able to purchase as many Rooshocks tokens as you want. There may be future rewards for those who hold multiple tokens.

No, you don’t need to be an Australian to own a Rooshocks NFT. While some of the utilities will be limited to Australian’s such as tax returns, others will be able to be redeemed by anyone worldwide.

There will be multiple options available if you want further services after you have redeemed your redemptions. You could purchase another NFT if there are still ones available to mint. There are also future plans for holders to be able to get extra value when it comes to additional services. Further details are still to be revealed. If you have any questions regarding, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The actual NFT will last forever, even after all redemptions have been redeemed. I have a long term vision for this project and will continue to do things that add more to the project even after the initial redemptions have been serviced. 

Absolutely, you will be able to select which Rooshocks token you purchase. As the different characters come with their own unique utilities, it’s important to me that you are gaining what you need to accelerate your growth, rather than be randomly allocated a piece, or even worse, have every piece come with the same utility.

I personally drew all 60 of the Rooshocks characters (I may be no artist, but definitely enjoyed creating something that was authentically mine).

There is a 10% royalty attached to sales on the secondary market. 

These will be monthly or quarterly depending on demand for sessions and the time of year.  There will also be sessions dedicated to any software updates as well.

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